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The UK government operates a programme to allow individuals to seek entry to work in the United Kingdom without having a prior offer of employment.

The HSMP aims to provide an individual route for highly skilled persons who have the skills and experience required by the United Kingdom to compete in the global economy.

For a successful application you will need to provide evidence that you score 75 points or more in the categories set out below and demonstrate that you will be able to continue your career in the United Kingdom. Please note that you do not have to score points in all categories to qualify under the programme, as long as you score at total of at least 75 points. You will need to show that you can support yourself and your family in the UK without using public funds during your stay. Please note that this is a requirement for both entry and extension of stay under HSMP.

Points Criteria
PhD - 30 points
Masters Degree (eg MA, MSc or MBA) or Professional Level Qualification (eg Chartered Accountant) - 25 points
A Bachelors Degree (eg BA, BSc) - 15 points

Relevant Work Experience
5 years work experience in a ‘graduate level’ job - you don’t have to have been a graduate at the time, but the job must be one that would usually require a graduate - 25 points
PhD and three years of graduate level work experience - 25 points.

5 years work experience in a graduate level job including senior or specialist level work experience for two years - This is likely to mean a high level management position in a small or large company or a specialist position requiring a very high level of technical or artistic - 35 points
10 years work experience in a graduate level job including senior or specialist level work experience for 5 years - 50 points

Income in last 12 months
Please convert your income to UK Pounds. The points are based on Primary Country of residence over last 12 months.

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