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   Date : May 3, 2009    Email :
 Category:   Friendship SMS
 Sender: Aiba
 City: Karachi
  Hazrat Noman Bin Bashar (R.A)bayan kartay hayn keh Rasool Allah sal lal lo ho alai wa sallum nay farmaya "Apni suffoe ko durust rakho werna Allah Taala tumharay diloun may phoot daal dhay gha"
( Sahih Muslim )

   Date : April 30, 2009    Email :
 Category:   Friendship SMS
 Sender: Fizaan
 City: M.B.Din
  Al-Hadis *

Jo shakhs "Najumi" k pass gaya (aur uska yaqeen kiya), us ne Meri "Risalat" ka inkaar kiya.FARMAN NABI S.A.W.

   Date : April 30, 2009    Email :
 Category:   Friendship SMS
 Sender: Fizaan
 City: M.B.Din
  Tamam nekiyan 3 baaton mein jamah kardi gaein hein.

1. Nigah

2. Khamoshi

3. Guftagu.
Hazrat Ali (.R.A.)

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